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Skyguard is providing safety for the vehicles for more than 20 years, and apart makes available up-to-date comfort solutions for the daily challenges of the car society.
Our company Auto Security Plc. is developing continuously his satellite vehicle protection system, introducing more and more features to meet the expectations of the current market. We offer a system for the drivers, that apart from the vehicle protection, provides intelligent solutions for several problems of the transport and parking. Our services include not only the security of cars but trucks, motorcycles and boats as well.


There is no mission impossible for us: we protect premium and unique cars, oldtimers, electric cars, boats, such as motorcycles.

The soul of the Skyguard protection system is the hidden onboard unit, developed and produced by our company, that apart from the positions of the car is monitoring the car’s necessary systems for the protections (e.g. inside, doors, ignition). If our system detects an unexpected deviation in these systems, our 24-hour monitoring service is contacting the contact persons given by the owner. In case he doesn’t reach them or receive negative feedback, he starts the action chain.

Skyguard is ensuring vehicle security having the most up to date technologies combining with the monitoring center, and using the GPS based positioning and mobile data connection. Devices installed in the vehicle are installed as a result of the proper development of Skyguard, so there is no information about the installation method or the placement of the units used, by any external experts.

For the case your mobile is discharged, you can also proceed with the Dragon remote control that is one of the main accessories of our protection package.
Our clients with the mobile application can call it even from the „Monitoring center” menu of the application. The operator center’s – officially Monitoring center – contact details can be found in the contact menu, in a format that can be dialled directly.
Our vehicle protection system is asking for driver identification at every ignition. If it is missing and alarm notification will be sent to the monitoring center. But there are situations where you have to solve the driver identification differently. For example when you go to the service or leave it at the car wash. In order that you don’t have to give the identification code in such cases to a 3rd party, or even to tell that the vehicle has a Skyguard security system (we strongly recommend that) with the service mode we deactivate the driver identification and turn off the diagnostic plug’s block, that the service can read the necessary details from the vehicle’s computer.
The service mode can be set in the status menu of the application (security code verification needed), or the operator colleague of the monitoring center can do it as well, after the password identification.
For security reasons after moving 40 km, we receive a silent alarm in our center; the operator will call the contact person to confirm the usage of the service mode.
In this case, our Monitoring center is calling you at the given phone number and consult with you about the position of the car. If you are parking underground, they ask for the possible time of the departure.
The supervised vehicle sends an alarm when it approaches the Hungarian border. In the memory of the GPS unit, 79 border crossing points are saved.
Skyguard gives you the opportunity to focus only to enjoy driving. In the city the parking is no more a problem in the public places of Hungary, if you set it in the application the parking payment will start and restart automatically until you don’t leave the parking place with the car; after then we stop your parking payment. The value of the parking and e-vignette and the refuelling will be deducted by Skyguard directly from your bank card; you receive a notification and the invoice by email.
The Skyguard service includes the innovations of the 21st century, the users don’t even have to take out their phones from the pocket. The phone identifies the driver and provides information about the purchased e-vignettes, running parking, or even the position of the car. Our colleagues are waiting every day the week, 24-hours, the alarms of your car and are contacting you when it applies. By unexpected happenings we follow and stop the car, and take the measures according to your request.
Most of the known insurance companies are giving a significant discount if you have a Skyguard vehicle protection system. Please ask for the confirmation from your insurance company. Upon the request of our clients, we raise the necessary statement that the insurance companies are accepting.
Of course not. Either we receive information prior to the installation or not, the first what our service is checking is the internal motion sensor.
In case it does not have, it will be installed automatically, and the client will be informed by our sales colleague.
The shell protection is the protection of the outer boundary surfaces of the vehicle, typically the doors of the vehicle (hood, trunk door, cabin doors).

In case if Skyguard is live and the doors are tried to open unauthorized, the system is sending an alarm notification to the Monitoring center; after receiving the alarm the operators are taking the necessary action.

One of the main parts of the Skyguard vehicle protection system is internal protection. The internal protection has a strict relation to the shell protection, the same time it is important to know that for the internal protection is required that the vehicle has an alarm system with internal protection. In case the vehicle does not have, it is necessary to attach an additional periphery. Naturally, this can be handled as well by Skyguard.
The driver shall be identified every time, the vehicle can be driven only by the person who has so-called driver permission, which can be connected with a smartphone that has Skyguard.
Only the Skyguard Monitoring center – available every day of the year in 24-hours – is authorized to take the measures for the engine block. The engine block command is sent from the Monitoring center, following a careful prepare process, directly to the main unit of the vehicle.
Before the engine block, a number of traffic conditions shall be checked, such as the speed and position of the vehicle. It is important that the engine block does not cause danger of injury either in the car nor in the surroundings.
Our installations are taking approximately 6 hours, for this reason, the appointments are made for around 8 AM every time. The handover takes place around 15-16H. When the installation of our system is ready, our customer service informs the client by phone. In case our clients wish to wait for the installation in place, they are more than welcome in our high-quality customer waiting room.
Our Fleet management service has 2 main purposes, and both have financial advantages for the customer. 1. control and direct cost saving. Thanks to the control you can avoid the “extra” detours and the “I don’t know what it took so long to get there” excuses. 2. administrative support, the route record is made automatically in the by NAV accepted form and supports the driver identification and official/private route separation, with which you can save a significant amount for your company. In the list of our services, you can find the electronic route record that substitutes entirely the paper-based route record to be filled in the vehicle and saves you time, money and inconveniences.
Our Fleet management services serve business purposes and are designed accordingly.
We don’t recommend it for vehicle protection purposes as without the monitoring center the immediate action will be missing, a part that due to the missing alarm you don’t even notify.
Until the detection, they can deactivate our unit or disassemble the vehicle or even leave the country without your knowledge.
Yes, apart from the free online web interface, we provide for our fleet clients access to the OBU City Base application (Android, iOS), that contains the basic features of the web interface.
Naturally no, after the driver identification and choosing private route, our system is not recording the route details.
Our clients can choose other, alternative methods to identify the driver- even though the identification with the mobile phone is the most comfortable and evident in most of the cases – for example, Numpad (CAN keyboard).
Yes, we display on the fleet site the speeds according to sampling standards. Besides that, the fleet site has a submenu where you can list the fast speeds for a specific period.
Of course, we can serve such needs as well, in this case, we take the vehicle protection package as the base, which is supplemented with fleet tracking and other required peripherals.
The installation of the Skyguard mobile application has 2 steps. It can’t be installed by anyone, due that it is a security technology application; only the download is public in the application stores (App Store, Google Play). For finishing the installation of the application, you need the assistance of our colleagues and a one-use QR code sent by the Skyguard team. Thanks to the strict security prescription only the persons that were authorized can have a Skyguard mobile application.


Displayed information: license plate, date of last update, ignition status, in case of Skyguard vehicle protection service, active or inactive *, activation of service mode, vehicle battery voltage, vehicle position, parking zone or not, map and navigation of vehicle and phone position.

* Skyguard can be activated in which case all functions of the Skyguard protection system will be active but without locking the doors of the vehicle

You can start your parking from here manually if your automatic parking service was not activated yet. In this case, when you park with your vehicle in a payment zone, a beep notifies you for the payment. If you think necessary you can stop it manually (after 250m with the vehicle our system is stopping the parking in all cases). About the status change, we inform you every time in a push message. For more information please check the parking menu point.


In this menu can you purchase or follow up your vignette purchases. By each driver identification, you see the up to date status, so the actual driver can see always the valid vignettes. Our system does not allow the duplication and sends a reminder about the expiring vignettes.

Our Vignette guard service is coming soon; with the help of it, you will have the opportunity to purchase the vignettes automatically according to the preset criteria.

In the menu of the yearly vignette, you can find our vignette planner, that you can optimize your vignette purchase costs.


  • Message:you can check the former alarm and parking messages
  • App info: You will find the latest information about our novelties and service developments
  • Fuel card pin: if you have an activated discount fuel card, you can check here the PIN code of the card
  • Parking: see above parking
  • E-vignette: see above e-vignette
  • E-route record: e-route record service and data access
  • Monitoring center: you can dial immediately or save the contacts of our Monitoring center
  • Status: see above
  • Bankcards: You can register your bankcards to use for parking, e-vignette purchase, and discounted fuel payments.
  • Fuel Card: Use this menu item to request or activate your discount fuel card


Here you can fine-tune our services, i.e. you can activate our automated parking service, change security codes.

Having automatic identification you don’t need to give your security code for the identification, as it will be automatic as soon as the phone connects to the inbuilt Bluetooth module. This means that to start you didn’t have to do anything, your phone can stay in your pocket or bag.
If the automatic identification is set, no internet connection is needed, so it can work properly in underground garages as well.
In opening hours please call our support team on 061/5554400/4 where you can ask to restore your security code.
In the menu of the application please go to:
Settings/security code/change security code.
At entering the panic code an alarm will enter to our monitoring center, and our operator will take the necessary action. In the menu of the application please go to:
Settings/security code/change panic code where after confirming the normal code, you can set the panic code. The panic code function is not working when having automatic driver identification.
The position of the vehicle and the status of the alarm can be queried in the status menu. The data is updating automatically when you open the status menu. You can refresh it manually by clicking to the arrow icon.
You need internet connection on both phones (wifi, shared internet connection).

  1. Open the application on your old phone
  2. Please click on the menu point Settings/Phone change and enter your security code
  3. You receive a QR code; please read this code with the Skyguard Smartkey or the Skyguard Smartkey Installer application on your new phone.

No more action is required, the application on your new phone will work the same as on your old phone; the functions on the old phone will be denied.
In case of any question, don’t hesitate to contact our Application Support Team on +36-1-920-6060.

In this case, a brand new installation should be done. If you wish to proceed with it from the distance yourself, please call +36-1-920-6060 where you can ask for your individual QR code. If you rather prefer to ask for the installation personally, please visit us in business hours, and our colleagues will help you.

In the settings menu of the application please choose the bankcard menu point; click to the card icon then enter the invoicing and bank card details. In this menu point, you can register and manage your bankcards. You can register a maximum of 5 bank cards that you can set free to the services that require payment. At the first step of the registration, you can give a name to your bank card, that you can distinguish them easily. The invoicee and bank card owner can be different. This feature has a maximum security level, as the details of the bank card are stored by OTP Bank.
In the Skyguard application, you have to register only once the bank card details, that our cooperating partner, OTP Bank is storing. It is important to mention, that you can pay in our system with MasterCard, VISA and AmEx, independently of the bank to whom it belongs.
IMPORTANT: Your bank card details are stored in the system of OTP Bank Plc.
The bankcards stored in the OTP Bank system thru the Skyguard application are charged immediately in case of finishing the parking and e-vignette purchase; in case of refuelling, they will be charged in 2-4 days.
IMPORTANT: In service mode the automatic parking service is inactive.

The service can be activated in the Skyguard application of the user. Please go to the Menu/Settings/Automatic parking.
The parking and automatic parking service are working with an inbuilt Skyguard GPS device that according to the coordinates of the car defines the position and the parking zone.
Our company, as the reseller of the National Mobile Payment System, is having the information if the parking place is in a payment zone or not. In Hungary, we have information about all public parking places.
After stopping the engine of the car, the central system is initiating the parking within 2 minutes according to the position of the car – or the advance booking in case it is not a payment period – if the car is parking in a public parking zone. About initiating the parking our system is sending a notification thru the mobile application that can be stopped any time. In case of stopping the parking in 1 minute since the start, there will be no service, nor parking fee payment obligation.
Our system starts the payment after an accurate positioning, so it cannot happen that the zone is erroneous and you have to pay a surcharge. In case you are parking in a time-limited zone (having a maximum time to park) when the time is over we start it automatically again, until the operating period of that zone.
About the starting, the driver of the car is receiving a push message from Skyguard to his application. The messages are forwarded to the user by the systems of Google and Apple, that may have a few minutes delay, but in the Skyguard application’s parking menu you can check always the current status of the payment, moreover the previous transactions as well. When justified, parking can be stopped at any time!
The parking payment will stop automatically when the car is on ignition and you have moved 250m from the parking place. At the end of the payment time period of the specific zone, it stops as well. Also, the drive can stop the parking manually anytime!
In the parking payment zone, after taking off the ignition our system is sending a Push notification within 4 minutes, in case if you didn’t start the payment. In this case, the driver can start manually the parking payment thru his mobile application – in the parking zone according to the position of the car – to avoid a parking surcharge.
The conditions to start the automatic parking payment can’t be changed, if a driver is parking in a payment zone in an internal courtyard, or just stops for a few minutes and takes off the ignition, the parking payment will start. In this case, you can stop the parking payment anytime; if it’s within 1 minute, then without payment obligation.
The inbuilt GPS unit of the car has a high accuracy positioning, but there are some places (eg. parking lot under the overpass at Nyugati Square) where technically it is not possible to define exactly the car’s position. In this case, it is recommended better to stop the parking and start new parking manually, entering the right zone code. The client can’t receive a surcharge anyway, as the system is paying attention to start the parking in the same price zone or in a more expensive zone as required by the parking regulations.
For the full comfort and security, it is needed that the client has a smartphone, as this way he can be informed about starting the parking and stop it if he considers necessary.
The parking and e-vignette purchases are charged to the bank card, the automatic parking – with special approval – can be settled at the end of the month.
The surcharge guarantee is valid only for the started parking payments. It is the driver’s obligation to ensure that the parking payment has started after taking off the ignition. The system is sending a push notification at starting the parking payment, but independently of this in the Parking menu of the application, it can be checked anytime if a parking payment is active and in which zone.
The parking can be stopped anytime at clicking on the X button on the bottom of the Parking menu. In case you stop it within 1 minute, no service or parking fee shall be charged.
The parking the be started in a specific zone, click on the parking menu in the application’s main screen, then to the shopping cart and enter the specific zone’s 4 digit code.
The parking can be stopped free within 1 minute after the start by clicking on the X icon on the bottom of the Parking menu.
The parking payment will be restarted every time, independently if you are parking in a time limit zone or not, and it will stop at the end of day or the parking time period.
Apart from the comfort, the advantage of the Skyguard mobile e-vignette purchase is that every driver sees the purchased e-vignettes for the specific vehicle, so you can avoid the unnecessary and duplicated purchase. Our system is reminding you before the expiry of the e-vignettes.

Our soon available Vignette guard service will purchase automatically the predefined vignette if the driver goes on vignette obliged road and the application does not find any valid purchased one.

In the submenu of the yearly vignette, you can find our vignette planner that helps you to choose and optimize your purchase costs. The vignette planner has a web version as well: https://skyguard.hu/e-matrica-tervezo/

With the help of Skyguard’s mobile application, you can purchase 24-hours a day your weekly, monthly or even yearly county or nation-wide e-vignettes. It cannot happen that you duplicate the vignette purchase, as the current driver of the vehicle can see always the currently valid e-vignettes in his own mobile application.
You can find the e-vignette icon on the main screen of the application. If you click on, you can choose the type of the vehicle, then the type of the vignette, and the start of validity as last. In the case of the yearly vignette, you can choose between the county or nation-wide vignettes. In case of selecting the yearly county vignette, you can use the vignette planner that after entering the destination is indicating you which county do you have to cross and how much vignettes you should purchase. You will still have the option to decide which is better for you: to purchase a monthly nation-wide vignette or 10 days vignette? You can go back is you wish with the back button (upside left).
The purchase of the e-vignette will be charged to the bank card that you have registered in the Skyguard application. The price of the e-vignette and the service fee of the purchase will be charged immediately on the bank card.
Of each successfully purchased e-vignette purchase Skyguard’s system is sending an electronic invoice for the invoicee of the registered to the bank card. You have to option to enter several invoicing addresses, that you can choose at the registration of a bank card. You can register one bank card even several times with different invoicing address.
Our clients can require the Skyguard discount fuel card in a few simple steps in their mobile application.
In the Shell gas stations of Hungary, you have a 10HUF/l for the FuelSave (normal) and 25HUF/l for the V-Power (premium) product family from the official prices of that particular station.
The discount fuel card can be ordered after a short registration thru the application. Please choose the Fuel card menu in your application. Please register your bank card for the card ordering fee and refuelling charges of the future. The one-time fee of the card order is 1500 HUF (VAT included).

After reading and accepting the GTC, please enter your security code. When it is done, the registration fee of the card order will be deducted from your card; you will receive your electronic invoice within 24 hours. Your order will be processed by our colleagues and sent in 14 days by post to the confirmed postal address.

If you wish, you can pick up the fuel card naturally in our office personally.

After receiving the card it needs to be activated; you can do it in the fuel card menu of the application by entering the card number and confirming the application’s security code. After the activation, the card is ready to use within 24 hours. You will receive a push notification when the activation was done and it is ready for use.
After the activation, in the Fuel Card PIN menu of the application, you can access to your PIN code, after entering your security code. It is not possible to change the PIN code.
When the activation is ready, please use the Skyguard discount fuel card for the payment of your fuel – with the PIN code of the card – the same way as you have paid your refuelling with your bank card until now. In the gas station, you pay for your fuel with the Skyguard fuel card. During the payment, you will see the original price on the terminal, but from your bank card, the discounted price will be deducted.

After 24-48 hours your registered bank card will be charged with the discounted amount of the refuelling; a push notification and an electronic invoice will be sent.

Yes, naturally. In the fuel card menu point of the application, after choosing the bank card please click on the Next button.
The card has a one-time activation fee of 1500HUF.
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