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Auto Securit Plc. is a by NTPS Plc (NUSZ Zrt.) audited toll declaration operator. For this reason, our clients can safely proceed with the E-toll declaration using the Skyguard fleet tracking system operated by Auto Securit Plc. On the administration page of our internet fleet site, you can check 24 hours a day the status, the travelled routes and a lot of additional vehicle characteristics. You have the possibility to make a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly road register. The road register of the vehicle includes the name of the driver, the place and time of starts and stops, distance travelled, travel time, downtime and fuel consumption information. The data can be exported and displayed graphically as well on the easy-to-use internet user interface. Various statistics can be created from the registered data of the vehicle, such as a daily speed-time graph, consumption chart, tachograph disc.

One of the great advantages of the Skyguard Fleet management system is, that it can make more cost-effective the fleet since apart from the full control of the movement of the truck, the fuel consumption is controlled with the possibility to connect it to the corporate management systems. At the same time, the administrative costs are immediately noticeably reduced. In case – a part of the fleet tracking -fuel consumption, load room temperature, driver identification, or control of the opening of the load room shall be necessary, with the right periphery our system can extract, save and show these details.

Fuel consumption measure: Depending on the composition of the vehicle fleet, we provide a variety of measurement methods to control entirely the low and extremely high fuel consumption vehicles.

Using the own fuel level signs, GPS vehicle tracking: Opportunity to display the factory fuel indicator’s analogue sign. The clarification if the measured data is done with a special calibration process. As a result, the measurement uncertainties (i.e. fuel fluctuation) can be filtered.

Using post-built fuel level signals, GPS vehicle tracking: Fluid level transmitter for the fleet tracking system, built into the vehicle’s fuel tank to provide continuous information to the main unit. Installing it into a vehicle with an external tank will accurately check the amount, location, time and fuel level of the refuelling.

FMS/CAN-BUS data usage: Using the information in the vehicle’s own CAN system, it is possible to retrieve this information. This can mean, fuel level, burned fuel, or even axle load; basically, every kind of information that is monitored by the vehicles own computer.

The use of a retrofitted flow meter: The fleet tracking system, with the help of the flow meter, is monitoring continuously the used fuel by the vehicles. This quantity is displayed in the road register and the fuel actually used can be compared to the fuel loaded in the vehicle. Suitable for all diesel engines with conventional serial and manual feeders, installed between the fuel tank and the power pump. The measurement also takes into account the amount of returned fuel, so the measurement provides more accurate data than the fuel level indicator.

Driver identification: There are several options to identify the driver of the fleet. i-Button, fix numboard, LCD numboard or mobile application.

Load door opening control: With a magnetic sensor, we detect the opening and closing of the loading door.

Load temperature control: The device monitors continuously if the temperature is inside the range set on the user interface. If the load’s temperatures exit this range, the system is recording and logging it.

Follow your fleet with the easy to use Skyguard interface: Our system has a user-friendly look and an on- and offline version as well. Our sales with even multiple pieces of training, our trained technical support team with quick and efficient help is at the disposal of our clients.

Vehicle protection


Our monitoring center takes nonstop the necessary steps in case of an alarm.

24/7 service


Our technical assistance service provides a quick repair in case of a system error.

Instant action


In case of real alarms we provide immediate law enforcement action.

Mobile application


Innovative solutions for maximum customer comfort and car safety. Read more…

Automatic parking


Upon your request, using the GPS coordinates of the vehicle, it starts the parking payment and stops it when leaving the parking place. Read more…



Our clients can refuel the car using our fuel card by having discounted prices.
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