With help of the skyguard smartphone applications owners can provide even more effective protection for their vehicles.Traditional code cards are replaced with the latest communication, where clients are using Android or iOS application and identify themselves easily. Thanks to the smartphone (mobile application) clients do not have to keep their code cards in their pockets, because the smartphone provides instant connection between the vehicle protection system and the car owner.

Mobile application is equipped with unique identification. Quickly, with one simple touch of a button clients can park with the mobile applicationGPSbased parking function. Not only GPS-based parking is provided by the Skyguard mobile application, but also provides many additional convenience features. After successful owner identification the Skyguard SmartKey smartphone application makes available via Android and iOS applications its safety and convenience features.The smartphone application provides addition functions such as driver identification and ignition authorization without any other identification devices. At the application status indicator panel clients may check and receive other additional information about their vehicle, such as current position, ignition status, alarm status, battery charge, and if the vehicle is stopped in a parking payment area and theparking service is available for users etc.

The smartphone applications can be used by the Skyguard SmartKey Gold and Skyguard SmartKey Diamond vehicle protection packages and with the majority of the OBU City product line as well.


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