The Auto Securit Plc. fleet management service provides a unique opportunity for its customers to demonstrate actual cost savings. Due to the excellent price-value ratio of our service the investment cost of the fleet management system will return in the first few months. The composition of the service and equipment are developed on individual client needs. The client needs are surveyed by qualified colleagues who has years of experiences. According to the activity, the composition of the fleet and the required monitoring data of the company our colleagues can offer you the most optimal package, both in services and devices.


  • Online GPRS data connection with 1 minute communication in the territory of Hungary
  • Up to date street level map of Hungary
  • Current position determination, real-time tracking
  • Travelling warrant
  • Private/Business trip separator switch possibility


  • Driver identification (multiple solutions)
  • Fuel metering technologies (multiple solutions)
  • LCD keypad eg.: for driver identification, electronic travelling warrant, for massaging with driver, activity/task code possibility and to show job number in the travelling warrant
  • Monitoring freight temperature
  • Monitoring cargo door opening
  • International roaming (online connection outside the territory of Hungary)
  • Data provided for e-road toll reporting
  • Engine block possibility trough GSM, in case the vehicle speed is under 36 km/hour
  • unique and special other clients’ needs development
  • GPS based solutions or car fleets − skyguard business fleet management and monitoring

Fleet management (GPS fleet tracking) system is designed to provide an opportunity for corporations, institutions and companies to rationalize costs incurred to company vehicles monitoring the utilization of company cars, and to have precise control of the operating parameters. With our low operating monthly cost and user-friendly fleet management system companies can easily achieve the separation of private and business trips. Highly accurate digital maps, statistics, diagrams help the complete control of the movement of the vehicles. With help of skyguard fleet management (GPS fleet tracking) system companies may reduce their communication and office administration costs, but they can guarantee the arrival of their cargo. To vehicles that are involved in the fleet management we install a built in device. From the devices our servers receive each data signals, which data will be automatically received, recorded and processed in our system. We offer GPS fleet tracking system for small, medium and large companies with vehicle fleet since our service provides fast, secure and cost-effective data access for every business partners.

On the web interface, clients  can check 24 hours a day the current position of the vehicle in their fleet, the routes vehicles traveled and many other status features (e.g.: stops, routes in progress, door opening, POI visit etc.).The system allows users to define their own Point of Interest (e.g.: premises, clients’ locations etc.).The selected vehicle route can be displayed in an electronic travelling warrant.  Users have the opportunity to decide from daily, weekly, monthly and annual travelling warrants of each vehicle. The travelling warrant includes the following information about each route:  driver’s name, the order of places and time of each ignition and each stop, the distance and time traveled or stopped, as well as information related to fuel consumption. Travelling warrants can be printed and stored electronically, which allows companies a controlled and editable route and business plans. In case near to the basic vehicle fleet movements other services are need the web interface may separate business and private trips, can control total mileage, can control the fuel consumption data, by installing and using additional interfaces the system appropriate to provide these data, recording and displaying them.


Auto Securit Plc. is accredited by NÚSZ and became an audited e-road toll reporting contributor. Due to this our clients are having the opportunity to report e-road toll payments through using skyguard fleet management (GPS fleet tracking) system that is operated by the Auto Securit Plc. In the skyguard fleet management (GPS fleet tracking) system clients can check in 24hour current position of freight vehicle fleet, the vehicle’s traveled routes and a number of other status characteristics. Clients have the opportunity of daily, weekly, monthly and annual records kept of the vehicles’ travelling warrant. The vehicles’ travel data can be displayed on the user interface. The travelling warrant includes the following information about each route:  driver’s name, the order of places and time of each ignition and each stop, the distance and time traveled or stopped, as well as information related to fuel consumption, which data can be exported. In addition, these vehicle data can be displayed graphically in the web user interface. From the vehicle archived data different statistics can be made, for example, daily speed-time graphs, diagrams of the daily consumption, tachograph discs.

From the advantages of skyguard fleet management (GPS fleet tracking) system of vehicles over 3.5 tons we must pointed out the followings:  the movement of freight vehicles can be monitored with full control of the operation and the control over the fuel consumption. It is important factor in favor of usage of cost-effective skyguard fleet management (GPS fleet tracking) system that it can fit into corporate management systems/connectivity is provided. In addition, it noticeably and immediately decreases the administrative costs. If it is necessary near to the monitoring of movement of freight vehicles our system is able to monitor fuel consumption, cargo temperature, identify driver, or even control the cargo door opening than with additional interfaces the system will be capable to the extraction of these data, record and display it on the web interface.

Fuel consumption measurement: Auto Securit Plc offers a variety of measurement methods of fuel composition depending on the vehicle park of our clients, that is necessary for reach both lower consumption and total control of vehicles which generating extremely high current consumption.

Usage of the integrated fuel level indicator of the vehicle, skyguard fleet management system: There is a possibility display the integrated fuel level indicator analog signal. Clarification of the measured data is done with a special calibration procedure, as the result filtered out of the measurement data uncertainty (e.g.: fuel oscillation).

Additionally built in fuel level meter signals, skyguard fleet management system: fleet management system can be fitted fuel level meter transmitter, that is integrated into the vehicle’s fuel tank transmit continuously data information to the fleet management devices. Vehicles with outside tank, with help of the fuel level meter transmitter the following data can be verified: amount of fuel, location, date, and current fuel level.

Use FMS / CAN-BUS data: by using the information of the vehicle’s own network this information can be monitor and displayed on the interface. This information could be the fuel level, fuel consumption, and even axle load, and practically all the information, which is monitored by the vehicle’s own computer system.

Use of additional fuel flow meter: with help of the fuel flow meter the GPS based fleet monitoring system continuously measures the amount of fuel consumed by the engine of vehicles. This fuel consumption is displayed at the travelling warrant, so the fuel actually consumed can be compared by the amount fueled into the vehicle. Fuel flow meter is suitable for all diesel engines. Fuel flow meter is installed between the fuel tank and the feed pump.  During the measurement fuel flow meter takes into account the quantity of the fuel flowing back, so that the measurement is more accurate data for the fuel level meter signals.

Driver Identification: in the fleet management (GPS fleet tracking) system the driver identification can be done in different ways: by using iButton, by installing fied PIN padsl, with help of LCD displayed keypad or by using mobile applications.

Monitoring of cargo doors opening: Vehicle cargo door opening and closing are detected by a magnetic sensor and they are recorded by the built in on-board unit.

CargoBay temperature measurement: The GPS based fleet management device continuously monitors if the cargo bay temperature is within the temperature range that the user is defined on the interface. If the cargo area temperature is out of this range, the system records and logs the event.

Monitor your fleet with the skyguard fleet management easy to use web interface:  Our system has a user-friendly interface and our application can be installed. Our colleagues are holding more than one education about the interface if needed and our well prepared technical support team is ready for fast and effective assistance of our partners to raise our clients’ confidence in our systems.


How claim back VAT on the lease payments? In the Magyar Közlöny published with number of 140/2011 at the Section 132 clears the Taxes Act 124 par.2/a point, which limiting the tax deduction provision to repeal resulted in vehicles rental purchase – including open-end leases – tax charged in connection with the VAT Act. § 120. applicable provisions. In practice, this means that the taxpayer costs of hiring a car to deduct VAT to extent the content that serves the extent of taxable economic activity. The taxable person must provide support for this purpose in accordance creditable electronic travelling warrant.

Increase customer satisfaction with premium quality services to give an additional competitive advantage!

GPS based fleet management (GPS fleet tracking) system solution can be combined with vehicle protection system as well. It provides a higher control over the vehicle fleet and allows the measured parameter fleet costs. It helps to clear the fleet operation, as it provides information on per-company calculations of return (tire degradation, aggressive usage, mileage etc.).

GPS based fleet management (GPS fleet tracking)solutions systemfor mixed fleet − Fleet monitoring

For mixed fleet the GPS based vehicle protection and the GPS based fleet management (GPS fleet tracking) system are recommended that you can achieve in one package. This is professional combination, where each vehicle in the fleet is protected and monitored at the same time. By using our professional GPS based vehicle protection system clients may know their vehicle in secure, because in our Call Center the operator stands ready every day of the year, 24 hours a day to prevent possible vehicle theft or initiated immediate action by the authorities.  Auto security Plc.’s GPS based fleet management (GPS fleet tracking) services provides an opportunity for its clients, which clients may reach actually demonstrated cost savings. Thanks to products and services, great value for money ratio the investment of clients will have a return in the first few months. Skyguard GPS based fleet management system is more than GPS based fleet management. Our company has nearly 20 years’ experience which is combined by our colleagues’ years of practice and experience. The introduction of GPS based fleet management (GPS fleet tracking) system can result in significant cost savings, where the well selected service provider is essential. We offer complete solutions for company cars, construction vehicles and transport vehicles to optimize utilization and to reach an effective cost reduction. Service system provides fast, secure, and customizable solution for small, medium and large companies with a vehicle fleet.

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