Prevent the e-road toll penalty!

For today, the owners ofvehicles above 3.5 tons and regularly use the e-road toll roads realized the comfort and safety of the data provided by the on-board unit (OBU) to commit and pay distance-based e-road toll. Not everyone has on-board unit yet, but we are sure that soon the 70% of the regular e-road toll payers will have on-board unit.

Do you have to report e-road toll?

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Auto Securit Plc., as contracted and audited service partner was among the first companies to provide e-road toll commitment for Clients.

Auto Securit Plc. each employee added her/his knowledge, power and works that before the introduction of e-road toll, for all of our contracted Client make it easier and smoother the launch of e-road toll with their fleet management system to commit e-road toll on the use of highways and main routes on the territory of Hungary from the first days to avoid the inconveniences of buying pre-paid tickets for each vehicles.

In your more than 3,5 tons vehicle do you have fleet management device?

If you use fleet management system in your vehicle over 3.5 tonnes than you have the possibility to report e-road toll via our GPS based devices.

OBU device (on-board unit)

We call OBU device both the build-in GPS based fleet management device, which provides data for e-road toll commitment (now on “built-in” device) and the cigar lighter connected (now on “cigar lighter connected” device) device too.

Cigar lighter connected OBU device:

It has a purchase price only and the OBU device became the property of the Client. It does not require professional installation. For two years period the operation of the device has no other fee. After two years, you must charge the SIM card in the device, with the current SIM card usage fee. Cigar lighter connected OBU device can be used only in the territory of Hungary for e-road toll reporting by Auto Securit Plc.

Before you start to use the cigar lighter connected OBU device you must register and assign it on website to the vehicle. Cigar lighter connected OBU device can be used for more vehicles in different period of time, but this solution has small inconveniences since in every change you need to delete the registration on one vehicle and you need to register it with the new vehicle on the website. To avoid the inconveniences we suggest buying cigar lighter connected OBU device to each vehicle which use e-road toll required roads.

Built-in OBU device:

We suggest the built-in OBU device for those users, who would like to use our fleet management system near to e-road toll reporting. In case of built-in OBU device Clients will receive user name and password to the fleet management website, where Client can monitor (on the territory of Hungary) their vehicle on the actual updated street level map, and electronic travelling warrant an be printed. To built-in OBU device additional devices can be connected like fuel level measurement, working hour measurement, driver identification, e-travelling warrant, cargo bay temperature measurement and business/private trip separator.
The built-in OBU device requires professional installation. The installation can be arrange with the domestic service partner network of Auto Securit Plc. These contracted service partners may install the OBU device at an arranged location by Client or at their own service location, and if necessary they can repair the device as well.

How you can join to the e-road toll system?

As a new customer, unless you have no skyguard® fleet management service, first you have contact our sales team member.

E-road toll smartphone application

The skyguard® Axle number switch application can be downloaded for free from the  Google Play Store to Android smartphones that can help you at the domestic HU-GO system at any time, you can easily check and change key parameters affecting the payment of fees: the axle numbers.

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