1997 Auto Securit Plc. was one if the first companies on the Hungarian GPS based vehicle protection market, and still maintained a dominant role GPS based vehicle protection sector and as one of the leading provider of the fleet management sector – thanks to our high quality service and the loyalty of our customers.
1998 Auto Securit Plc. has signed a cooperative agreement with the National Police Deparment and Border Guard Headquarters. As a result, in case a real alarm event occurs with any vehicles involved in our services will receive an immediate law enforcement action
1999 Based on the contract with Porsche Hungaria, uniquely in Hungary, Auto Securit Plc. became serially GPS based vehicle protection suppliers for all sold AUDI vehicles, and due to this cooperation Auto Securit Plc became a leading suppliers of GPS based vehicle protection for the Volkswagen brand as well.
2004 Auto Securit Plc. launched skyguard®team fleet management service. By using our GPS based vehicle monitoring service our clients could monitor, track and controll vehicle fleet movements accurately online, 24 hours a day. As an investment of over 10 millions HUF our company has developed an anti-burglary and bulletproof Call Center in accordance with the 2010 EU standards, where operators/dispatchers are available 24 hours in 365 days of the year and powered by the the most advanced IT and communications background.
2010 The appearance of the GOLD 2010 and DIAMOND 2010 operating skyguard® systems with the new and modern technological principles. These advanced protection systems are available to the Watch GPRS service that provides higher protection against blocking GSM networks.
19992013 The possibilities offered by modern technologies according to the up to date and maximum security the latest GPS based vehicle security systems appeared where alarm system is not needed and not has to be installed. The system status characteristics are gained from the vehicle’s CANBUS network.
2014 Our GPS based vehicle protection systems have been improved, now GPS-based parking is available on each newly installed devices.
19992015 Auto Securit Plc.’s GPS based vehicle protection systems are completed by the SmartKey mobile application, which makes the identification process easier and increasing the level of protection. By using SmartKey application our partners will receive a number of additional convenient features


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