image_diszpecserThrough skyguard Call Center our partners are daily in touch with our company. Our colleagues are continuously trained to fundamentally expected, that is matching to our communication skills and to be suitable to their professional skills as well to be able to enable execution of the task on the highest level. Our colleagues are well trained, speak several languages, so international customers can entrust us their vehicles. Our Call Center is at our client disposal 0-24 hours every day of the year! Operators at the Call Center are responsible for get in touch immediately with the client (vehicle owner, the person to be notified in case of alarm event) at the time of an alarm event and take the necessary protocols, based on the measure. Our company handles our clients’ data strictly confidential, so client knows their vehicle in complete safety. Our Call Center is an anti-burglary and bulletproof in accordance with the EU standards, where operators/dispatchers are available 24 hours in 365 days of the year.

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