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E-car manager: charging company electric cars at home, accounting for energy used

Companies are increasingly preferring to buy plug-in hybrids and pure electric cars.

Cars with green plates have many advantages in terms of company costs:

  • company car tax exemption;
  • registration tax exemption;
  • no transfer fee;
  • in the case of company car open-end leasing, the VAT on the e-car leasing fee is also recoverable;
  • cars with green plates are exempt from the entry fee for protected zones;
  • free parking in some cities;
  • and not least the much cheaper fuel.
However, the charging of company electric and plug-in hybrid cars raises the issue of accounting between the employer and the car user.

Let’s see the options:

Charging at the company is practical, but in most places there is a logistical problem because there are usually not enough charging points.
External charging at pay stations is not complicated either, and can be charged to an invoice in the employer’s name.
Charging at home is very practical and convenient, but the accounting between the company and the employer is not as clear-cut as in the above cases. A solution could be to have a separate meter installed in the employer’s name, on the basis of which the electricity supplier bills the company for the electricity charge, using business rates.
Another option is for the company to pay a reimbursement, with itemised billing. Sounds complicated, right?

Use eCar Manager, which greatly simplifies the accounting of charging electric cars at home!

Benefits of using eCar Manager:

The current supplied to the electric car is measured
The charge value indicated by the vehicle system is recorded, taking into account the current maximum capacity of the battery
No need for further investment
No investment costs for the company to charge electric cars at home, as the amount of electricity charged can be measured without the need to install charging equipment
Easily accountable
The cost of home recharges can be reimbursed to employees as fringe benefits, which is an economical and legally accountable way for the company.
Penalty payment guarantee
Increasingly, cars with green plates have to pay parking fees. In addition to the service, entitlement is automatically purchased for parking in public spaces or even using the unauthorised motorway network.
Monthly report
The report is recorded by registration number. It can be seen if more than one driver has loaded the vehicle at home.
Charge for charging at home:
70 Ft/kWh + 70% contribution cost
Total cost: 119 Ft/kWh
This cost is much lower than the list price of electric charging stations that charge a fee.

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